The Team


Board of Trustees:

  1. April Dequito
    Executive & Festival Director

    Founder/President 2011-2013

    April is an architect and a social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Omnilogy Inc., a non-profit organization which is a multi-faceted approach to empowering people by creating collective environments of shared aspirations through the arts.

    She has diverse leadership experience through her affiliations with various leadership organizations in the Philippines and the USA.

    She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of San Carlos and attended further studies in International Affairs in New York City. She also completed the Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    A film enthusiast, Ms. Dequito has attended the Graduate Program in Cinema at the University of San Carlos-College of Fine Arts (USC-CAFA) in Cebu. Since 2012, she has regularly attended various film festivals and Film Markets particularly in Cannes Film Festival & Market, Dubai International Film Festival & Film Market, Hong Kong International Film Festival & Film Market, Hawaii International Film Festival, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festivals and more recently, DocsBarcelona.

  2. Lilo Alino
    CIDFF Board Member

    Head of Communications   

    President 2014-2015

    Lilo “Lilu” Alino has over 30 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations in the central and southern markets in the Philippines.

    A Mass Communications graduate, Lilu lectures at her alma mater, St. Theresa’s College under the Mass Communication and Business Management programs. She is presently the institutional planning consultant of St. Theresa’s College, Cebu.

    Lilu worked for Bigfoot Global Solutions Inc. as creative head doing video production and internet content.

    She is also an active member of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

    She also manages her own PR firm, Lilu Advertising and Marketing Solutions.

  3. Marie Ernestine Denise
    Board Secretary

    President 2015-2017

    Denise is the School Director at Marie Ernestine School, which has produced over 2000 graduates.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Philippines and a master’s degree in Educational Administration from the Ateneo de Manila University. She is currently taking her Doctorate Course in Education at the University of San Carlos.

    She has recently attended Cannes Film Festival and DocsBarcelona.

  4. Timm Doolen
    CIDFF Board Member

    Technical Director

    Timm Doolen started his production career 10 years ago making low-budget documentaries, including the award-winning “Explaining from the Inside” which analyzed the media coverage of the 1999 Texas A&M University bonfire tragedy that killed 12 students.

    In 2003, he assisted producer Bob Cooper at the newly formed Landscape Entertainment and helped work on “Sleepover” and “Mr. Woodcock.” Timm then assumed casting director and production coordinator duties on the low-budget feature “Think Tank”. In his spare time he has directed, produced, written and casted several short films, including “The Man With No Eyes” which premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel.

    In 2004, Timm became a writing assistant for BigFoot Entertainment and was later promoted to Director of Creative Development in 2005. He is now currently working as Program Director of International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, Philippines.

  5. Joseph Michael Espina
    CIDFF Board Member

    President 2013-2014

    Joseph Espina has 35 years of active experience in architecture and planning, with many commercial, residential and institutional buildings in Cebu in his portfolio.

    He holds post graduate degrees in Urban and Regional Planning, Major in Transportation Planning (1979) and Management, Major in Business Management (1990) from the University of the Philippines.

    Currently, he is the Dean of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos in Cebu.

  6. Mary Anne Alcordo-Solomon
    CIDFF Board Member

    Mary Anne “Me’anne” Solomon is an entrepreneur; she owns and manages Alcordo Advertising, an indoor and outdoor advertising agency in Cebu recognized for their quick response and highly practical and reliable services.

    Aside from business, Me’anne also engages in community service; she currently serves as board secretary of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and president of ICanServe Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Manila which advocates for early breast cancer detection through breast self-examination.


Crispo Mojica
CIDFF Board Member


Crispo began his career in theater. His deep passion and commitment to communicate toan audience brought him closer to the masses. He became a founding member of TEATRO KALBURO an environmental theater group.

His first production “Buhay” (life) spoke well of whathe was to be—raw, unafraid, a rebel with his vision of going against theatre grain of the industry. In 1986, he left mainstream theater and dove deep into environmental theatre production work.  He began writing and directing documentaries in 1997.

In 2004, the Southeast Asian region became his outlet for commercial expression, directingand producing television commercials in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia & Cambodia until his return in 2009.  The year 2008 was the birth of the International Institute forFilm & Broadcast Arts, IIFA –a workshop & training company he helped co-found.

Currently, he heads IIFA-Film Department Productions and SuperShows Media & EntertainmentGroup and holds a lecture consultant post for the new University of Makati’s Media & Broadcast Center.


Janice Villarosa
Artistic Director (Interim)


JANICE VILLAROSA, born in the Philippines, is a dual citizen of the Philippines and the USA. She currently spends her time between the two countries.

The desire to pursue filmmaking started years before when a very good friend of hers was sent to prison for over 20 years for something he did not do. She vowed from then on that she would find a way to be the voice for the silent. Because of some obstacles she was not able to pursue filmmaking until 3 years ago. She started with a short film about child abuse (Daddy’s Little Girl) and another short film about domestic violence and sexual discrimination (Heaven’s Door). These short films were followed by Shunned, about the lives of transsexuals in the Philippines, and deals with gender discrimination.