The Festival

Creativity, knowledge, and access to information are today's economic drivers. CIDFF will make it happen for Cebu.

CIDFF provides companies unique and cost-effective opportunities to reach a network of enthusiastic and diverse global communities we aim to serve.

CIDFF gives visibility to Cebu and open new possibilities for other audiences to see. This would bring visibility and international credibility to Cebu's Film industry including film support services.

"The Festival" is composed of the following categories such as:
a) Long Documentary

b) Short Documentary

c) Special Category

Festival Screening

CIDFF’s annual film festival happens every August, it features documentary films from its students or scholars, and participating film productions or independent filmmakers.

Curtain Raiser: CIDFF unveils its new theme for the year with a special screening of an internationally-acclaimed documentary. 

Opening Night: The festival kicks-off with a cocktail gathering and an exclusive film screening event with the participation of invited filmmakers, film production companies, film critics, guests and the viewing audience.

Cebu Film Market Expo: CIDFF opens opportunities for companies in multimedia business (TV, film, broadcast and equipment) to promote their products and services, and gain more visibility through a 2-day exhibition at prime location where different market segments can be obtained.

Documentary Film Caravan: This event features a film showing activity in selected schools and universities to educate young minds on global issues happening at present through a wide range of documentaries in the competing and non-competing section of the festival.

Closing and Awards Night: The finale of the festival features the awarding of the winning films in the competition section, and a take-away film for the public to look forward to.