The Cebu International Documentary Film Festival (CIDFF) is a platform for filmmakers, producers, artists, media practitioners and film enthusiasts to develop and share creative talents and socially-inclined filmmaking experience in Cebu through documentary films.

CIDFF is a non-profit organization that manages annual international film festivals in Cebu to create and sustain an independent and world-class film market in the region.


A non-profit organization influencing social change, CIDFF initiates documentary programs for the youth, professionals, and community workers for promotion and understanding of diverse cultures and movements.


1. Enhance public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its significance, while making films more accessible to a wider audience
2. To curate, provide imprimatur and thus, help shape culture
3. To create access to independent voices and new stories within neglected communities
4. To educate filmmakers
5. To grow independent film communities and foster creative collaboration


CIDFF aims to bring our diverse global audience to Cebu, Philippines. This marketing effort
also aims to attract talented, creative, technologically-savvy, and socially-inclined audiences.

It will link our film industry with the rest of the world and promote our local film schools, attract
more attention for people to learn the value and importance of the film industry.