CEBU INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (CEBU.IFF) aims to gather global filmmakers to celebrate
the art and craft of filmmaking, promoting valuable cross-cultural partnerships, and sharing
inspirational stories across the globe.

CEBU.IFF also aims revive the Visayan film industry and further support the development of Philippine
produced films that have a global reach.

CEBU.IFF will serve as the leading International Platform to showcase world-class films while also
promoting Philippine produced narrative and animated films to the rest of the world.

Vision and Mission

-Influence social change by initiating documentary programs for the youth,
professionals, and community workers for promotion and understanding of
diverse cultures and movements.
-Enhance public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its significance,
while making films more accessible to a wider audience
-Create access to independent voices and new stories within neglected communities
-Educate filmmakers and influence social change
-Grow independent film communities and foster creative collaboration